Strong Arm Steady

Strong Arm Steady
In Search of Stoney Jackson
Stones Throw, 2010

I admit, I have a love/ehh relationship with Stones Throw. No one can deny the amount of talent they represent and I will take them over most hip-hop labels any day. I have a lot of respect for Peanut Butter Wolf and the label in general. But I honestly can't make myself appreciate Georgia Anne Muldrow and Dudley Perkins. I just can't get into it. Signing them is just one of those "what the f**k" decisions where either I'm the only one smart enough to question it, or not artsy enough to get. On the other hand, they brought us J Dilla's later work, Madlib and Guilty Simpson just to name a few. Emphasis on J Dilla. Ahh..redemption. .

This record is produced by Madlib and there's no mistaking his trademark sound. Sometimes Madlib is a little too.. choppy for me and he goes a little too far out there with his samples, but MC's Phil Da Agony, Krondon and Mitchy Slick bring that laid back California flow that goes so well with Lib's production. I would never say that any of these guys ever stun me with their lyrical ability or anything, but hey, in a world where Lil Wayne is actually popular, I'll take it. If you're into Madlib, you will automatically like this because you probably like anything the guy does. There are guest appearances by Mr. Simpson himself, Talib Kweli and Planet Asia. Phonte of Little Brother is also here, but I don't like Little Brother so that's not really a selling point for me. There is one song that seems like it's just about food and it embarasses me, but other than that this is a pretty solid record.

E says: I feel it.

L says: Yes, this is good.