Until We Surrender

Epitaph, 2010

Yes, I still listen to pop punk every once in a while. It's one of my few vices these days. After a long day at work, I may partake in a little Screeching Weasel. Who are you to judge me?

But this is not a good album even by pop punk standards, and those standards are about as low as BP's stock prices right now. The guy and girl that share guitar and vocal duties in this band were apparently in a "melodic death metal band" before they realized their true calling of playing in Heartsounds. Hmmm.

The first three songs on this record might make it as filler on my "Music to Clean the Garage To" mix CD just because they have a decent melody. And if this kind of music doesn't have melody, then its got nothing. You certainly can't turn to the lyrical content. It's the standard fare for this genre. Half of the songs on here are about these guys/girls getting dumped. The other half are about trying to patch things up with the person that dumped him/her, and failing. Maybe if you weren't in a band called Heartsounds, failed relationships wouldn't be such a prominent part of your life. But I can only speculate. Maybe they smell.