The Horrors

The Horrors
Primary Colours
XL, 2009

I slept on these guys at first. I remember hearing a song or two from their 2007 album Strange House and not being very impressed. Then I gave them another chance last year when Primary Colours was released. They sounded like a completely different band. I had to admit, this s**t is brilliant.
They're a punk band that's not afraid to utilize all technology at their disposal. The freakish sounds that Tom Cowan and Joshua Hayward get out of their synths and guitar are at the same time terrifying and beautiful. They worked with three separate producers on this album, including Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Chris Cunningham (yes, THAT Chris Cunningham). That should give you a basic idea of the sort of wonderfully menacing tunes that await you. This album sounds like it was recorded in some godforsaken and long forgotten portion of the London Tube or something. Creepy.
This was my favorite album from last year and I still listen to it constantly. Primary Colours is an ablum that will totally intimidate you and have you tapping your foot at the same time. Excellent.