The xx

The xx
XL, 2009
Man, this is a love-making record. That's the first thing I thought when I heard this album. I don't know if that's what they were aiming for, but that's what this is. It's not the kind of music that's overtly sexual or even intended to be so. Such as D'Angelo. Or Danzig. And it's not sexy in a creepy, slightly unsettling way like Portishead or Massive Attack either. It's just.. sexy.
I like xx because it's a "less is more" record. Many similiar bands that use programmed drums and sequencers make the mistake of going overboard with it. You give them Reason or Sound Forge and all of a sudden they think they're James Murphy. The xx seem to understand the simple effectiveness of a few well-placed kick drums or hand claps and the occasional breakbeat. On top of that, the vocals are great and Croft and Sims have the sullen, nonchalant, British croon down.
Unfortunately, I can see why network TV and corporations have picked up on The xx and used their songs. This album is loaded with accessible singles and it's got major mainstream appeal. But hey, good music is good music.
Between the reverb-soaked guitar, sparse drums, low bass hum and sultry vocals, this is a bedroom winner for sure. Seriously, if you can't make babies to this then you may quite possibly be dead. Or maybe the other person is.