Let's Hopscotch.

Wow. North Carolina has finally stumbled into the present by introducing The Hopscotch Festival in downtown Raleigh this September. The lineup includes some really good bands, some okay bands, some bands I've never heard of and some bands that I really don't want to pay to see but I have to because of the whole concept of festivals. But that's fine, because I remember three or four years ago when Soul Asylum was the big downtown summer attraction.
I don't like the word "festival" because it makes me think of white people with dreads and irony so I will now just refer to it as Hopscotch. Actually, that's kind of lame too, so how about "Raleigh is Going to Try and Hopefully Succeed at Rocking Your Face Off: The 2010 Music Experience Experiment". RIGTTAHSARYFO: T2010MEE for short. It rolls right off the tongue.
A few acts that I'm personally looking forward to are Kylesa, Skyzoo, Birds of Avalon, 9th Wonder, Harvey Milk, Harlem, Tortoise and, of course, Public Enemy. Although, regretfully I would probably pay the full price NOT to see Flav at this point in his "career". Noticeably missing are Superchunk.. But that's a band that I don't question.
This is probably going to sell out, so jump on this bandwagon while you can. For all the information you need, including the band lineup, visit the official site at: http://hopscotchmusicfest.com