Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing
Captured Tracks, 2010

This album cover is weirding me out. No, actually this is just horrid. At first, you see what appears to be an attractive woman. But wait, is that a hand over her mouth? Like someone is gagging her or something? This is alarming. I'm not into snuff artwork. No, wait, the hand is in her mouth.. but now I'm not even sure it's a hand. And it's not just over her mouth, it's cutting into her head and causing it to be grotesquely misshapen. It's getting worse though. My eyes drift up and to the left and I am sickened to see another face superimposed on the original face. I don't know where one face starts and the other ends. My god. This is absolutely nightmarish in an M.C. Escher kind of way. Just looking at this cover is bringing back "negative" psychedelic experiences from my teenager years. Like when you start thinking that everyone is talking about you in metaphors. I can't look at this anymore. I've never had to "come down" from an album cover before. I'm done.
Oh, and the music sounds like The Smiths.