Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers
Burn, Piano Island, Burn
V2, 2003

I'm still a big Blood Brothers fan. I own pretty much everything they've ever recorded, and I think this is by far their best record. I didn't know what to think the first time I heard these guys. It was a welcome assault on all of my senses. The odd time signatures, the absolutely schizophrenic nature of the music and the duel shrieks of Johnny Whitney and Jordan Blilie horrified me. But I loved it. I couldn't quite grasp what I liked about them so much at first, but I knew they were special. It's kind of like watching a Werner Herzog film. You may be saying "what the f**k" through the whole movie, but you know that it's genius. This band is definitely not for everyone. I'm usually not huge on music similiar to this. Actually, maybe that's why I like them. There was no one else like them then or now. Every song on this record is a kick in the face that you will actually be thankful for. Oh, and "The Shame" is the perfect closer for this record and one of my all time favorite songs.
These guys were truly original, and in these times where music and movies are recycled ad nauseum, their level of creativity and originality is sorely missed.