Nausea Obscura

It's no secret that music elitists, critics and hipsters love obscure music. It seems like the more obscure the better. Now, some obscure music is good. Maybe it's not well known because the artist is just starting up, can't get publicity or just doesn't want a lot of attention. That's fine.
But then there are the people who intentionally search for the most obscure music possible, even if it's completely wretched, and claim to like it. To me, the only reason for this is to be cool. Or appear cool.
Jandek is a perfect example. His music is absolutely terrible. It's unlistenable on every level. But because he's very mysterious and.. obscure, critics and indie nerds alike fawn over this guy. Why the need to say you like something that you probably don't? Well, first of all, it's a character flaw on your part. The other reason is because people might think that it reflects on them in some positive way to say they "understand" something that other people don't get. Well I don't want to get it. Actually, there's nothing to get.
I like to think that I know a thing or two about music, and I'm definitely picky, but I won't hesitate to tell you that there is more than one Paramore song on my iPod or that I find Lady Gaga entertaining. If that makes me less cool, oh well. Have fun wincing your way through the rest of that Daniel Johnston CD.
If music is good than it's good. That's it. There's too much posturing and snobbiness when it comes to music these days, especially in indie rock. The bands people "like" are treated as accessories to an image that they try to portray to others. Even if they don't actually like those bands.
The bottom line is that just because people don't know about a band doesn't mean that band is good and that you are an extraordinary person for knowing about them. Most of the time there's a reason that said band or music is obscure. It's not good and people don't like it.
Now if Jandek had bled out of his eyes at the MTV Music Awards...