Delorean - "Stay Close"
Subiza, 2010

I have a soft spot for house music. Actually, let me rephrase that. At times, I go against all of my better judgment and my guilty pleasures take over. Some house-esque music being among them. It's totally the musical equivalent of Skittles. It's sweet and delicious in small doses, but too much can be nausea inducing and lead to self-loathing.
I've been known to enjoy The Field and even some Felix da Housecat from time to time. Delorean is the same deal. I really don't care for the rest of this record, but this song is just too good to say no to. It's everything a good hipster dance track should be. Clicks, beeps, kicks, echoing female vocals and all. I just can't stop listening to it. I'll get over it soon. I mean, even the name Delorean brings to mind temporary material indulgence and excess. But for now, I'll be subtly nodding my head along to this. When no one else is watching, of course.